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Diversity and Inclusion 
Recruitment Coach
Business Dev Coach


People Experience

Culture Curator  

Talent Acquisition Strategist 

Diversity/Inclusion Practitioner  

Brand Based Recruiter 

Market Insight and Trending           

HRIS /Database Conversions

Succession Planning

About Me

who I am: Nathalie Heywood Smith is as committed to figuring out how groups of people can work together effectively productively as she is committed to growing businesses.

what other people think of me: Nathalie has been described as a builder of robust and diverse networks, an expert craftsperson with exceptional relationship skills, a detailed and knowledgeable professional that takes the time to create solutions that integrate people's experience and the business's goals. The integration creates a thriving culture and corporate success.

who likes to hire me: Nathalie partners with startups, mid-sized organizations, and established high-net-worth corporations to build diverse teams that are strategic and fiscally sound.